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안녕하세요, 요로분! - (Hello, everyone!)
Infinite Won At M! Countdown - Triple Crown (6.14.12)


Infinite’s Woohyun’s Speech + Encore


Infinite’s Performance at M! Countdown (6.14.12)

Only Tears + The Chaser - Infinite’s Comeback Stage at MNet Countdown (2012.5.17) [HD]

Infinite’s Photo Session at MNet Countdown’s Dressing Room



Here are the sites where you can purchase their album and the sales count toward the Hanteo chart:


Put ‘인피니트’ on the search bar of the korean websites below, then click on the search button (검색).

Clear your cookies before searching again on the same site (go here if you don’t know how to do).

This is counted toward the ‘research/interest of the public’ category of music shows charts, and…


. Go on Mnet and login (you can also login with a twitter of facebook account), or sign up if you haven’t an account yet.

Then go on this page to vote.

You can vote once a day per ID (mnet, twitter or facebook account).

You can vote 10 times per IP address with different IDs.


SMS voting counts for 10% on M!countdown.

You’ve to send your sms during the broadcast only, so on Thursday, from 6:00pm to 7:30pm (korean time).

Send only one sms since only one vote will be counted per cellphone.

This works for all countries, but only if your mobile subscription allows…


Streaming counts for the Mnet realtime chart.

First of all, go here.

If you don’t live in Korea as me, you’ll surely be redirected automatically on the Global Mnet website.

All you’ve to do to go on the Korean website is scroll down on the page you’re, until you reach the bottom. Then click…

SORIBADA KR TUTORIAL !!! Help INFINITE on digital sales


Soribada KR is the method to help INFINITE on digital sales !!

( doesn’t count on chart)

Please spread it !! Thank you^o^

Soribada KR Tutorial by

big thank to @zitaolet !!!

Links to check the realtime music charts


  • M!Countdown (Thursdays at 6PM KST)

How is calculated their chart:

_ 45% Digital single sales (Mnet, Melon, Soribada, Bugs)

_ 10% Album sales (Hanteo)

_ 15% Global fan vote

_ 10% Preferences of music experts

_ 5% Live show preferences

_ 5% Real-time charts

_ 10% SMS vote

  • Music Bank

The Chaser Official MV - Infinite

OMG! They all looked so good in navy blue clothers plus a chopper at their background!


INFINITIZE - Infinite’s 3rd Mini Album

The Chaser


Feel So Bad


In The Summer


I Like You