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안녕하세요, 요로분! - (Hello, everyone!)
[SPAZZ] Inspirits, let’s support the Infinite! ^^

Inspirits, please keep on voting for Infinite at these sites:

1. Arirang Wave K Charts

You need to register here first if you aren’t a member yet.

2. Arirang’s Pops In Seoul - 2000th Episode

WaveK Charts and Pops In Seoul uses the same account so if you’re already registered, you can just go directly to the vote page.

3. Golden Disk Awards

No registration needed. Just go to the site, scroll down until you see Infinite’s pic. Click it and you’ll be directed to: Just close it, then go to the voting link above to keep on voting.

4.KPOP Stream Online

Infinite and Inspirits hwaiting! ^^